partners. instructors. performers.

  • evolving


    classic foundation, breaking conventions
  • immersed


    fully absorbed in the process
  • collaboration


    growth through artistic cooperation
  • buoyant


    a mindset movement with a movement mindset
  • empowering


    passion with bold intensity

Latest Projects

We want to move you

Teaching Philosophy

We provide students with a strong, technical foundation while encouraging every dancer to achieve mastery of his/her body as a means for personal expression.


Performance Ideology

Our choreography focuses on exploring new technique while maintaining core principles. Thus far, we have mainly focused on interactions between moving bodies using weight, swing, spiral, and seamless transitions. We believe dance is about finding new opportunities and possibilities. Limiting ourselves to staying within parameters of our previous work is unacceptable for us as we always challenge tradition. We search for something deeper than the surface. Ensuring that we feel a connection to ourselves, partner, and movement overall is vital to us.


© Alex and Kato
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